Rolex DayDate Repair

Can I shower with my Rolex DayDate?

A very hot shower temperature is around 112 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be uncomfortably hot for most people, but it's not harmful to a Rolex DayDate watch.

Therefore, you can shower with a Rolex DayDate water temperature will not be an issue.

The condition of the Oyster case gaskets is what determines if a Rolex DayDate is waterproof. Gaskets are small rubber 0 rings that hermetically seal your Rolex DayDate watch.

If the gaskets fail, the Rolex DayDate watch is no longer 100% waterproof.

If you shower with your Rolex DayDate watch, you need to check that the gaskets are in good condition. Only watchmakers have the equipment to check if your Rolex is waterproof.

Therefore, exposing your Rolex DayDate watch to water has a cost.

Before you start showering, make sure that the Rolex’s crown is securely screwed onto the Rolex Oyster case. A Rolex DayDate with an open crown is not waterproof.

Soap and Shampoo can leave a residue on a Rolex DayDate watch, tarnishing its looks. Hence, you need to rinse it well under warm, clean water at the end of your shower.

Rolex Day Date waterproof features

Rolex Day Date has a water resistance of 100m/330 feets/10 ATM; here are the Rolex's waterproofness specifications.

Rolex Day Date Water Resistance Specifications
Watch case Rolex Oyster Case with Screw-down back
Watch crown Screw-down Twinlock crown
Rolex's double waterproofness system
Watch water resistance Waterproof to 100 metres / 330 feet

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