How To Sell Your Rolex Watch

Used Rolex watches can be sold in three ways:

  • Selling to a Rolex watch dealer
  • Selling your Rolex privately
  • Selling your Rolex to a friend

Each option has pros and cons.

Selling your Rolex to a watch dealer

You need to have an idea of how much your Rolex is worth on the pre-own market. A website like is a good place to find how much your Rolex is worth.

Asking price for a second hand Rolex

Your watch is not worth that much to a Rolex watch dealer. The dealer's commission must first be included. There is a 10% commission plus tax for watch dealers.

You can expect a Rolex watch dealer to make you an offer from $6500 to $7500 for your pre-own Rolex worth $10 000.

The benefits using a Rolex watch dealer

You're less likely to have problems with a dealer who's reputable and trustworthy, and you don't have to worry about the watch and the transaction.

The benefit of selling your watch to a dealer is that the transaction is quick, and there are no issues with the watch once the deal has been closed.

Selling your Watch Privately

You'll get the highest price for your watch this way, but it's still the riskiest way to sell it.

In this case, the asking price would be the second-hand market value, minus any wiggle space. While eBay is one of the most well-known private marketplace website for the selling of watches, there are others.

Some people use online forums and social media to locate potential customers.

There are a lot of con artists out there, so be wary of aspiring to be a watch dealer for the day.

It takes expertise and skill for a competent dealer to spot a scam artist. I will never try to sell a watch to anyone on social media because I am not a watch dealer and will not sell a watch to a random person.

Sell your watch to anyone you meet on an online marketplace will make you even more money but no enough to compensating for the risks involved.

You can watch videos on Youtube that explain how to avoid being scam when selling a watch.

My recommendation is not to sell your watch to a private party if you are not a watch dealer. There's a fair chance you will lose everything.

Selling your Rolex to a friend

Selling a Rolex watch to someone you can trust is the best option; this is my favorite method.

When the watch was on your wirst, someone else might have coveted it from afar.

You should inform your friends that you're selling your watch to see if they're interested in purchasing it.

You should get a price that is comparable to the second-hand retail price.

On Chrono24, a $10,000 watch can be traded for $9,000 to a friend. You'll both profit from a fair price for a Rolex if you sell your watch to a friend.

Since it is your friend and you trust him, the financial exchange would be more secure. Since they trust you, they may also be happy to purchase a pre-owned Rolex from you.

One of the disadvantages of selling your watch to a friend is that you would always be associated to it. When something goes wrong, your friend will contact you so you can fix it.

it's will take a year, a month, or five years later but your friend will finally come back to you to tell you there's something wrong with the watch.

After that, you'll have the inevitable pause when they tell you that you need to do something about it.

You never relinquish your responsibility on a watch you sell to a friend.

I've seen it numerous times, including the fact that it's a strange phenomenon. Friendships have been strained in the worst-case situations as a result of such purchases.

To prevent this, be open and honest with your friend leading up to the transaction.

Inform your friend that his watch needs to be maintained. When the watch needs to be serviced, he must take it to a Rolex certified repair center.

Rolex service costs between $800 and $1000, and buying a Rolex watch comes with a lot of liability.

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